Origin of At-Tahiyyatu (Tashahhud)

Did Tashahhud Originated During the Mi‘raj? Quote: ” The origin of the tashahhud and that it happened during the ascent of our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to heaven (the Mi‘raaj) is something for which there is no basis in Islam. The scholars of the Standing Committee were asked:  Is theContinue reading “Origin of At-Tahiyyatu (Tashahhud)”

Islam is against racism and bigotry

By Abu Amina Elias In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Islam is against all forms of racism and bigotry. Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another, or one color of skin is superior to another, or the people of one country are superior to another. Such beliefs areContinue reading “Islam is against racism and bigotry”

Race, discrimination and bigotry in Islam

In today’s world, racism has integrated itself into the core fabric of social structures that govern our modern day societies. Do you know the place of racism in Islam? Knowledge In today’s world, racism has integrated itself into the core fabric of social structures that govern our modern day societies. It has manifested into oneContinue reading “Race, discrimination and bigotry in Islam”

Why do they wear Taweez (Amulets) ?

Quote: Shaykh Sulaymaan ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhaab said: “Know that the scholars among the Sahaabah and Taabi’een andthose who came after them differed as to whether it is permissible to hang up amulets which only contain words from the Qur’aan or names and attributes of Allaah.  One group said that this is permissible. This was theContinue reading “Why do they wear Taweez (Amulets) ?”


In every society there are some members who are senior in age and others who are junior to them. The Beloved Prophet (S.A.W.) has, also, explained (in his teachings) what their mutual behavior should be. Stated below are a few Ahadith regarding this aspect of social conduct, which may appear insignificant to some people, butContinue reading “BEHAVIOR OF OLD & YOUNG IN ISLAM”


Tefekkür, ibret ve hikmet; açlık ve hüzün hâlinde daha kolay elde edilir. Zira mide fazla dolunca, tefekkür âdeta uyuşur, gönlün hassâsiyet ve rikkati körelir.  Ebû Süleyman Dârânî (r.a.) çok yiyenin kaşılaşacağı altı belayı ise şöyle açıklıyor.  Bâyezîd-i Bistâmî Hazretleri buyurur: “Açlık, bulut gibidir. Kişi az yemeye riâyet edince, kalbi hikmet yağmurları yağdırmaya başlar.” [1] Tefekkür, ibret veContinue reading “ÇOK YİYEN 6 BELA İLE KARŞILAŞIR”

Praying 2 Rak’at Sunnah of Fajr when Jam’at is in Progress

1. Introduction There is well known khilaf among the jurists (fuqaha) as to praying the two rak’at sunnah salah of fajr while the congregational obligatory salah has started. Al-Shafi’i said that if the prescribed prayer has commenced he is not to offer the two rak’as inside or outside the mosque. Al-Nawawi writes that Imam AhmadContinue reading “Praying 2 Rak’at Sunnah of Fajr when Jam’at is in Progress”


In authentic narrations, it is mentioned that during the practice of Hajj the idolators used to say in their Talbiyah: “You have no partner except the partner that You have, You own Him and whatever he owns”. The followers of Muhammed Ibn Abdul Wahab cite this saying of the polytheists to argue that polytheists believed in theContinue reading “THE SAYING OF POLYTHEISTS, “YOU HAVE A PARTNER UNDER YOUR OWNERSHIP””

Attributes of Allah

Existence (al-Wujud): it is obligatory to believe in the Existence of Allah. Allah exists without a beginning, without an ending and without a place. Allah exists without a place or shape (al-Wujud). Surat Ibraheem, ayah 10:  أَفِي اللّهِ شَكٌّ “The existence of Allah is indubitable.” Mental Proof-Allah exists and is not similar to the otherContinue reading “Attributes of Allah”