The Circle of Love Hadith

Revīve yoūr Deēn

“Make constant dua’a and supplication to your Lord after every act of obedience, asking Him to help you in devotion, because it is only through His generosity that you are able to worship”.
The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said to Muadh ibn Jabal: “I love you! So never leave this dua after every prayer: Oh Allāh help me in remembering You, in offering gratitude to You, and in worshiping You beautifully.”

This became known as the Circle of Love hadith, as when Muadh taught the dua to others he first said “I love you! So do not leave saying…” and they would tell those who came after them, “We love you! So do not leave saying this dua…”

Love of Allāh

Another beautiful dua’a the Prophet ﷺ, would often make was one he narrated and the Prophet Dawud (AS) would also recite:
Allahumma inni asaluka hubaka,

Wa hubbaman ya hibuka,


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