Differentiating the Scholars of the Religion from Scholars of Evil

Wahhabism Unveiled

Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye (d. 1817) and Imam Abd al Kareem ibn Muhammed al-Maghali (d. 909H) are both considered as revivers of Islam in West & Central Africa (formerly known as “Bilad as-Sudan”) . In the book “Siraaj ‘l-Ikhwaan” by Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye (available via siiasi.org), there is a chapter on distinction between righteous and evil scholars which is a useful piece of information for our time.


Some of the notable points:

  • Two necessary characteristic of a righteous scholar to look out for: Ilm and Taqwa
  • Prohibition of following and asking from those who do not possess Ilm and Taqwa nor from those whose Ilm & Taqwa are unclear and not established.
  • The enormity of evil that can come as a result of an evil scholar. And hence when it is established and clear that a person claiming to be scholar is lacking in Ilm and Taqwa then staying away from him become…

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