“They say we are ‘Wahhabis’, rather we are Salafis and we preserve our religion and follow the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger…” The Puritan Claim

The puritan claim of the Wahhabi cult is simple. The Salafi way, as they would have you believe, is the only true and authentic Islam. Muslims who do not subscribe to their way – the “Salafi Da’wah” – are belligerently dismissed and maligned as the “enemies of tawheed” and the “people of misguidance and innovations”.

Their claim to guidance hinges on the notion of a strict adherence to the first three generations [as-Salaf us-Saliheen]. With this puritan appeal, many unsuspecting Muslims have been deceived into embracing the Wahhabi cult.

The word Salaf comes from the trilateral verb sa-la-fa which simply means to precede, to be over, be past, be bygone. 1 Yet the noun Salaf, in its linguistic sense, is understood to mean predecessors, forbearers, ancestors,

1 Hans Wehr Dictionary, p. 422

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