2.5 Million People Killed by Armenians in Anatolia and Caucasus, 1906-1922

Armenians have killed 2 million Ottoman Turks. Regarding the genocide claims of the Armenians, the White House studied the issue in 1981 during Reagan’s presidency and the claims were found out as groundless. During the WWI the Armenian terror organizations in associate with French and Russian militants have murdered over 2 million Ottoman citizens, while loss of the Armenians made up about 500.000, and it is a proven historical fact.

Almost a century later, the number of deaths they assert oscillates between 1.5-2 million. But the best contemporary estimates by Armenians and their sympathizers were 300.000-750.000, compared with 2.4 million Ottoman Muslim deaths in Anatolia and to make their case more convincing, Armenians hiked the number of deaths.

After statehood was lost and annexation by the Soviet Union, Armenians turned to their genocide playbook and from 280.000-750.000, Armenians initially raised their death count to 800.000 to test the credibility waters.

It passed muster with uninformed politicians easily influenced by campaign contributions and voting clout. Armenians then jumped the number to 1.5 million, and then 1.8 million.

For the last decades, an Armenian majority seems to have settled on the 1.5 million death plateau, which still exceeds their contemporary estimates by 200 to 500 percent. They are now testing the waters at 2.5-3 million killed as their chances for a congressional genocide resolution recede.

The American Armenians obtain colossal profit from their false genocide claims. Armenians are against opening of archives as they don’t want to lose the obtained money. The truth will come to light as the archives are open.

(Bruce Fein, Scholar/Former US President Ronald Reagan’s Advisor)

* Armenian gangs discarded disturbances and massacres, and then fled away. As a consequence, defenseless masses of Armenians had to pay their blood to whitewash deeds of their brothers in arms. Activities of secret Armenian organizations resulted in huge quantities of useless bloodshed and loss of material welfare which can not be compensated in the future. It remains unclear, how much evil these “patriotic” organizations can bring in the future.
(Statement of General Mayevskiy, Cited in The Collected Works of Shavrov, 1904)

* In Caucasus, a social and economic issue agrees with a tribal one. Bourgeoisie consists exceptionally of Armenians who pose a serious social threat to the local population, and a political threat to the state, as exemplified by some eastern powers, whose sluggishness or negligence cleared the way for Armenian parasitism.
(Velichko, Caucasus – a Russian Cause and Inter-tribal Matters, St Petersburg, 1904)

* Van is no longer an Ottoman city and all government buildings and army barracks are set on fire that only 1500 Turkish women and children remain in the city. We know these remaining 1500 were also wiped out later by Armenian militia. Deputy of the Ottoman government from Erzurum Karekin Pastirmacian and his bandits of 1200 men roamed around Muslim villages after the Russians violated their border with Turkey and assaulted women.
(Armenian Newspaper Gochnak, Published in The US, 14 May 1915)

* Armenian volunteers fought on all fronts.They fought in Syria and in Palestine, in the Legion d’Orient, under French command, where they hurried in response to the call of the national delegation. There they took a leading part in the decisive victory of General Allenby, who paid high tribute to their valor. In the Caucasus, where in addition to over 150.000 Armenian men who served in the Russian army on all fronts, an army of 50.000 men and thousands of volunteers fought throughout under the supreme command of General Nazarbekian.
(Official Presentation of The Representatives of Armenia, Versailles Peace Conference, 26 February 1919)

* Axis forces used Armenians to reach their goals on Near East. The French invaded Cilicia and appointed Armenian Tashnak volunteer regiments to carry out acts of violence against Muslims. Tashnaks launched a campaign of ethnic cleansing to full fill the dream of Great Armenia. The Muslim population in Kars and Yerevan regions was either exterminated or forced to migrate either to the lands of Turkey or Iran.
(Gurko Kryazhin, Soviet Historian, 1925)

* Separatist movement was backed up by intelligentsia, especially from Moscow and Tblisi.
These towns, centers of “Armenian liberalism” of the 1870’s, both in printed or oral forms, carried on propaganda directed to “awakening the national self-consciousness” and raising the militant nationalism among Russian and Turkish Armenians.
(Gurko Kryazhin, Soviet Historian, Armenian Matter, 1926)

* Armenians were the favored portion of the population of Turkey. During the Great War, they traitorously turned Turkish cities over to the Russian invader. They boasted of having raised an army of 150.000 men to fight a civil war, then they burned at least 100 Turkish villages and exterminated their population.
(John Dewey, The Turkish Tragedy, Published in The New Republic Magazine, 12 November 1928)

* Armenian regiments were still energetically attacking to Muslims and had enough military power to capture Turkish settlements. Armenians succeded after a general assault they launched aggressively from Bardiz front on September 24th, 1920 and they were suppressed and kicked out from the regions they occupied. Our army took action in the morning of September 28th.
(Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Nutuk, Regarding The Annihilated Armenian Folk Allegations)

Armenian fanatics crammed their community with absurd, utopian and absolutely perverted ambitions regarding the Armenian independence. These ambitions were impracticable, because nowhere and never in the Ottoman Empire Armenians did constitute majority. Extremists became insolent, terrorized indiscriminately both Musulmans and Christians.

After the first World War broke out, they unleashed civil war. This is a historical fact. Countless guiltless victims including women, children and old people who were lost in this war, were not on Ottoman’s, but solely on conscience of the leaders of Armenian people who urged their compatriots on wittingly lost battle.

It is indisputable that the idea of the deportation of Armenian population from the zone of military operations sprang up just after the Armenian massacre arranged against Turks in Van and the deportation was a forced measure.

(Erich Feigl, Myth of Genocide)

The Caucasian army of Russia, made of a great number of Armenian volunteers is assuming the offensive. By 14 May, they reached Van, organized mass butcheries of local population for 2 days. A Russian backed Armenian state was established in Van. On 18 May 1915, Russian Tzar Nicholas II expressed his gratitude to the Armenian populations of Van for devotion. Aram Manukyan was appointed a Russian governor of Van.

In an aspiration to create an autonomous region, Armenian revolutionaries exterminated the aboriginal population to thus, transform Armenian minority into majority. They resorted to this procedure every time they were given full scope and backed by Russians. Following the seizure of Erzurum by Russians, there followed the most terrible slaughterm

More than 1 million Musulman peasants had to escape. Thousands of them were cut to pieces when they wanted to run together with the Ottoman army, retreating to Erzincan.

(Stanford Shaw and E. C. Shaw, The History of The Ottoman Empire and Present Turkey, 1979, London)

Armenians Fighting Turks, 7 November 1914, The New York Times

image: https://cdn.liveleak.com/80281E/ll_a_s/2015/Feb/21/LiveLeak-dot-com-f8f_1424574661-NYT1914nov7_1424574834.jpg.resized.jpg?d5e8cc8eccfb6039332f41f6249e92b06c91b4db65f5e99818bdd0954d42d3d0f899&ec_rate=230

Armenians Aiding Russians Besiege Turkish Town Van, Manitoba Free Press, 7 November 1914

image: https://cdn.liveleak.com/80281E/ll_a_s/2015/Feb/21/LiveLeak-dot-com-f8f_1424574661-ArmeniansAidingRussiansBesiegeTurkishTow_1424574836.jpg.resized.jpg?d5e8cc8eccfb6039332f41f6249e92b06c91b4db65f5e99818bdd0954d42d3d0f899&ec_rate=230

Erzerum Taken From Turks By Armenian Corps, Aided By Detachment Of Armenian Volunteers, Oakland Tribune, 4 April 1918

image: https://cdn.liveleak.com/80281E/ll_a_s/2015/Feb/21/LiveLeak-dot-com-f8f_1424574661-ErzerumTakenFromTurksByArmenianCorpsAide_1424574837.jpg.resized.jpg?d5e8cc8eccfb6039332f41f6249e92b06c91b4db65f5e99818bdd0954d42d3d0f899&ec_rate=230

Armenians Attack Turks And Tartars, Daily Northwestern, 12 October 1920

image: https://cdn.liveleak.com/80281E/ll_a_s/2015/Feb/21/LiveLeak-dot-com-f8f_1424574661-ArmeniansAttackTurksAndTartarsDailyNorth_1424574838.jpg.resized.jpg?d5e8cc8eccfb6039332f41f6249e92b06c91b4db65f5e99818bdd0954d42d3d0f899&ec_rate=230

League of Nations

image: https://cdn.liveleak.com/80281E/ll_a_s/2015/Feb/21/LiveLeak-dot-com-f8f_1424574661-LiveLeak-dot-com-f7a_1422351459-Capture__1424574839.jpg.resized.jpg?d5e8cc8eccfb6039332f41f6249e92b06c91b4db65f5e99818bdd0954d42d3d0f899&ec_rate=230



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