We will draw that map, get it through your head

resized_c96e6-6da74b9aauthor4.png İbrahim Karagül

We do not understand this war. We do not understand its nature, vastness or power to shape the century.

As we drown amid small fronts, as our minds are blurred, we cannot step back a little to see what they want to do or the kind of region being shaped.

And because we cannot see, we are still trying to figure things out using old statements and perspectives.

We can’t figure it out, you cannot figure it out or see it. If the world and region are in a completely different settlement of accounts, if they are fighting for distribution of land and you are still counting in the same spot and trying to understand certain things from where you are standing, you will lose.

Syria project for every country

If those who have announced our region as the region of chaos for this century, those establishing new fronts, step by step, according to this plan, those presenting this through values, identities and resources have managed to confuse you, you will lose.

Let alone saving the region and closing fronts, just as you will not be able to prevent new fronts from being opened. Later you will not be able to save your country, either. You will all become Syria, because they have a Syriafication project for every country in this region and this is a clear as day.

Our identities were buried in the Aegean Sea

We have millions of Syrian guests. We have hundreds and thousands dead in this country. We have cities that have turned into ruins. We have children and landless people buried in the sea. The Aegean Sea has turned into a graveyard for our people. For our people. Our women… Our children… There are graveyards built in many parts of Turkey for the homeless. The number of graves with only the gender and age written on the tombstones are increasing. The region’s identity is not ethnic or sectarian, it is these unidentified graves.

There are hundreds of thousands of our people trying to get over the wire fences and take shelter like humans on European borders. Our women and children are belittled, despised and considered the enemy for being Muslim and declared a national threat to Europe. The countries of those exposed to insults of the countries at whose doors they stand as humans are being destroyed by these powers. Those countries, through a secret coalition, are playing a game through the death of Syrian people, through massacres aimed at them.

The Syriafication plan for Turkey, which is looking out for human dignity while Europe destroys its own values and surrenders to a new wave of racism, is not a surprise. Europe, which has buried our children in the deep waters of the Aegean, which is applying a Geneva play through these deaths, is carrying out a Syriafication scenario against Turkey in cooperation with Russia and the US.

We are not struggling against terror, we are fighting it

This is why the struggle in Sur, Cizre and our other cities is a war. This is why those who have dragged Syria into a dead end are shaping this war. This is why there is no terror or fight against terror, there is a plot to turn Turkey into Syria. Just as this is not terror, it is not an ethnic war either. It has nothing to do with religion, identity or values. This is a siege, a project to suffocate the country and strike it from the inside. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and other organizations have been given orders to this end and have been directed as such and pushed into war. The operations in our southeastern provinces are operations to end a domestic invasion. It is a fight to rescue Turkey, our people, country and nation. It is a relentless resistance against a multinational front.

They are attacking on two fronts

This is because we are under dual attack. We are under threat from both within and without. Those sieging the country from outside, cutting all our ties with the region to our south, positioning Iran against Turkey, setting Russia against us, are striking Turkey from the inside under the name of terror, through the PKK.

With the change in Iran’s position, there is attempt to push Turkey to become a common enemy. This is why for Iran, it has been announced that the 1979 revolution has ended as of 2016. Just as Tehran’s agreement with the “Great Satan” will lead to disintegration within itself, it is a greater geopolitical transformation for the region.

Unstoppable rise and the Turkey miracle

The evaluation of Iran’s agreement with the global system together with Russia’s anti-Turkey position will give more accurate results. Some are trying to push Turkey outside the global system and declare it the enemy and turn it into a target. The sole reason for this is Turkey’s unstoppable and uncontrollable rise.

Turkey is a miraculous country. It has maintained this characteristic for centuries, it changed history and maps, managed to overcome global-scale crises and revived each time it was said to be “gone.” This is the kind of history the Crusades, Mongolian invasions and World War I has been for us. The only country that has been able to overcome history’s greatest crises is Turkey. Since it is the only country with the capacity and experience to recover the region, the showdown is not with Syria. The showdown is with Turkey.

We are going to draw the map, not them

If things are so chaotic and sides have become so clear, if war is expressed so openly and even allies have started to hit us from the inside, then this means the gates of that miraculous rise have reopened. Hence, we do not hesitate to persistently say, “Regardless of how many maps they draw, how many Syriafication projects they implement, the real map is going to be drawn by the people of these lands.” We are not carrying out an operation of heroism or morale, we are talking about the truth and those who do not believe will one day face this reality.

At such times, every dual relationship, every regional formation, the tendency in every global scale should be re-questioned. The strategic partner term is history. It has been 20 years since the era of cyclic partnerships started. Turkey needs to re-interpret everything, from its interior political design to social ties, from its foreign policy to the energy equation and new strategic value definitions. The state structure of the Cold War era does not have the capacity to fight against these rising threats or take advantage of opportunities. Turkey needs to rapidly get out of the classic Baathist structures, the burdens, carved into memories back then as well as the way the region was seen at that time.

Turkey will overcome these threats

It must further speed up its national defense progress, strengthen local means, continue its economic miracle, end the invasion attempts in the country presented as “terror” with a ruthless reaction, start new social agreement attempts, create a new mode and identity, escape the unwieldiness of the state structure, discuss the “presidential system” seriously, speed decision mechanisms and thus complete the infrastructure for facing new regional and global truths. In the fight against this threat, security units must be mobilized in determination, yet what really must be done is, the state must turn itself into a more mobilized structure, be saved from unwieldiness, and social ties must be strengthened. The Turkish community has seen the new threats as well and has given open support to all tools and methods of facing the threat. This opportunity should be seized. Turkey’s political mind, background, current political leadership capacity is adequate to overcome all this. Despite all the resistance centers on the inside, despite the domestic invaders, the will uniting political parties and terror organizations under a single roof, the country’s backbone is strong as a rock and in the right place. This is where the will to change history and change the map is. The strong connection between this will and political mind is, for the first time in modern Turkey’s history, this strong.

That front must be hit

The events in our southeastern provinces and the Northern Corridor project are part of one front in the same war. It is the same front between Azaz and Jarablous. If we are fighting in Cizre then we also need to fight in these regions. If we leave them, it will not be possible to save Cizre. If we can’t, then we will not be able to prevent the Syriafication. The fight in Cizre will also continue on the other side of the border. If you meet the threats on your borders, then that war will spread not only to Cizre but also to Konya and Erzurum. Turkey is aware of this.

‘Ruthless resistance’ era

Turkey, which is being sieged from the outside, hit inside with betrayal and attempts to drag it into a kind of civil war, is going to crack the siege and eliminate the domestic invasion attempts. Those who have taken positions from the other side of the front today will then be cursed. Those invaders, those who received tenders for terror, those chasing tenders in that “intellectuals’ market” will be damned. This is why, whatever you do, be alert against “domestic invaders” and invasion attempts under the name of terror.

Do not neglect to make a pact through the ‘ruthless resistance.’



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