Aqidah At Tahawi – [Part 1] | Introduction To The Text | Shaykh Asrar Rashid

Aqidah At Tahawi
Part 1-Introduction To The Text
0:00= Bismillah-Meaning
8:00= Al-Imam
13:00= Imam al-Muzani(d.264AH)
15:00= Extremism to one school amongst the four schools
19:50= Taj al-Din al-Subki(ra) ( d. 771AH)and his father Taqi al-Din al-Subki(ra) (d. 756AH)
21:00= Refutation of Ibn Taymiyyah(d.728AH)
25:00= Hanafi School majority are Ashariyah
27:00= Early Scholars of Hanbaliyah
29:00= Malaki School-Malaki judge verdict on Ibn al Qayyim(d.751AH) –visiting the Prophet(s)
30:00= Anthropomorphist are found amongst the Hanbaliyah more than any other group
31:00= Creed (aqidah) of Imam Jaffar at-Tahawi
32:00= Differences between Hanafi School and Ashari School
34:00= Abu Mansur al-Baghdadi(d.429AH)
35:00= Mutazilyah and Shia
36:00= Different commentary on Aqidah at Tahawi
37:00= Actual issues of dispute
38:00= Salafi brothers and Mawlid
39:00= Issues of principle

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