Our religion is a religion of LOVE…


“Our religion is a religion of LOVE in the first place. Love of Allah Ta’ala, Love of Rasoolulllah, sallallahu Ta’ala alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam, love of doing good, love of people, love of parents, love of children, love of neighbors, etc..love, love, love. No love = No Deen, as simple as that. Being a good Muslim doesn’t depend on knowledge you amass -as much-, race, color, culture, “holy” clothing you wear, “holy” self-proclaimed titles, or political views. It depends on how YOU treat OTHER than you; The Creator and the creation. Also if you don’t love for other human beings (regardless of creed, political view and background) what you love for yourself, then there is an essential problem in your very Iman. The merchants of hate and violence, even when they portray themselves as the “official and exclusive” spokespeople of Islam or “Sunnah”, dish out poison, not Deen. Islam is not a Deen of hate but of Love, mercy and unconditional compassion. Rest assured; Allah Ta’ala is much more compassionate, forgiving & merciful than all the “experts” in or “scholars” of the Deen (religion) put together. Today we have clerics -instantly- and without any experience or track record, turned into politicians as well, and started issuing Fatwa’s of violence against their political enemies. Our religion was always about giving life, not death to others. It was never about “Fatwa”, but was and is always about “Taqwa”.

The Religion itself is much easier and simpler than the strict rituals of the “religious”. The “official” spokesmen of the Deen are plenty!! making you feel as if Malik (Hellfire gatekeeper) is their employee, and Ridwan (Jannah gatekeeper) is them in person. Those who call you to hate or violate, are callers of Satan and to him, not to Allah Ta’ala or Islam. The term “Ulama-u-Su’ ” or (Errant Scholars) is a term usually used to describe scholars keen to please powerful governments/regimes and give them what they’d like to hear on the account of principles of Haqq, but equally so includes scholars/ preachers keen to please the populous and masses, cater to them, mobilize and ride on the wave of their innocent Deeni emotions on account of principles of Haqq for the sake of ambitions, greed or hunger for name, fame, or power.
I call you to search for the truths and question all truths offered to you, for no truth can contradict the Wahi (Qur’an and authentic Sunnah). I call you not to replace the Qur’an and Sunnah with stories of alleged miracles, fairy tales and myths. I call you to remove the creeping up human idols that people of the past and present want to erect to stand between you and Allah or His Messenger. I call you to get rid of the theoretical idols, such as that there is a “figure” benchmark for Sunnah or Islam other than Sayyidina Rasoolullaah, sallallahu Ta’ala alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam, himself in a whole and complete way. Pious and learnt Awliya inherit according to their capacity from the creation-bound limitless Muhammadan fountain. Those who call for re-erecting theoretical idols or “certain figures” as idols or benchmarks are trying to create a cult, not revive the Deen nor apread the Prophetic Sunnah. They want people to switch off their brain, blindly follow their “figure”, ignore evidence & preach/promote hate and violence (verbal, as a first step). But in the first place, they are evading to face the solid, consistent, and unquestionable nobility and principles of the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah. It is no more than an injected temporary euphoria. Surely, reform is not easy nor obstacle/mistake free, but it is urgently needed today within the house of Muslims, more than any other time. Surely, it is easier to fool people than convince them they’ve been fooled, but Haqq shall speak for itself even behind hidden barriers and in indirect ways. Haqq will always penetrate the heart. I call you for the Dean, not for cults. I call you to forgive, for if you want to be forgiven, you have to start practicing forgiving. I call you to Love; for love heals.

Treat yourself and others with knowledge, humility and love. But Love itself is also a form of Rizq (sustenance from heavens/provisions granted by Allah). Don’t you see the Prophet -Sallallahu Ta’ala alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam- saying about Sayyidatuna Khadija al-Kubra: “I was granted the Rizq of her love”. So seek love just like you seek other forms of Rizq. Learn how to, aspire to, dream of, and be with those who love. The enemy of Islam is: ignorance and the culture and cults of hate.

The Saved Sect (al-Firqah al-Najiyah) Hadith -which is less than Sahih in my view- does not in anyway give any one group/cult the exclusive keys to Jannah, The Qur’an & authentic Sunnah do. The Saved Sect (al-Firqah al-Najiyah) is not the one seeking to lock up all other sects in Hell fire, but the one struggling to save them and all others. Such claims of guaranteed exclusivity to the right of salvation is nothing new, see Surah Al-Ma’ida #18, and the answer to it is beautiful and simple in Surah Al-Nis’a #124.

A good Muslim is a good human being in the first place. In summary; The Beloved sent the beloved out of love to teach love with love for the sake of love. And love does not have limits, for true love collapses all limits, not establishes them. O’Allah; empty my heart from all distractions taking me away from You, forgive me and fill my heart with Your Love.”

-Sayyidi Shaykh Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya al-Husayni al-Ninowy الشيخ د. محمد النينوي

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