We have seen some years ago how Salafi Takfiris deceptively took sides in an ethnic conflict in Mali only to then back stab and take over power in Northern Mali, after which the savages rampaged across the territory laying to waste centuries old Sunni mosques, mausoleums and libraries in order to impose Wahhabism. But not before long, Allah Most High brought against them another force and squashed their short lived utopia.

But what is not well known is behind those scenes in reality was a prior ground work that was laid by importing and infiltration of Wahhabism to position of influence, power and fame that gave takfiris the foundation to take over with such ease. One should take heed and realize that while Salafis are a fringe cult they still have money and guns and when moments like this arrives they will actively or passively allow the most extreme Khawarij to take power in order to impose Wahhabism upon Muslims. And there should be no surprise there as the only difference between ultra Wahhabists from Qaeda/Daesh with rest of Wahhabism is on the legitimacy of the Saudi rulers and a couple of recent issues such as the targeting of civilians. Beyond that, Wahhabism of all shades have been for years declaring Sunni Muslims as apostates and pagans and differ with Sunnis from belief in Allah, Tawhid, Iman to much of fiqh, methodology and history of Sunni Muslims, and hence to them it is not of much concern when a slightly more extreme hand was used by their “dear mistaken Salafi brothers” to impose Wahhabism.

The struggle for Mali



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