Shafi school of Sunni Islam on the legality of Mausoleums

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Salafi cults have often quoted from scholars of the Shafi school of Ahlus Sunnah, especially Imam Shafi (رحمه الله), Imam Nawawi (رحمه الله) and Imam Ibn Hajr al-Haythami (رحمه الله) to give the impression that the scholars of Sunni Islam sanction their views on the subject of mausoleums. Many of them even believe their position on this subject is an absolute consensus in Sunni Islam, while the reality being far away from what they think.

The importance of Shafi scholarship is also due to fact that many of the lands of Muslims where these Kharijites of various trends and iterations have raised their heads in our times imposing their Dajjalic cult upon Muslims, shedding sacred blood, trampling upon scared rights, oppressing Muslims & Non-Muslims alike such as in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt and Chechnya, the vast majority of the Muslims in these lands historically as well as present day…

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