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Recently came across a blog site with title proclaiming “We the Hanaabilah” (though weirdly with the Saudi flag as the background picture). A post there under the title “Method of Seeking knowledge” being basically a self made curriculum style list of books through which to seek Islamic knowledge. One might initially suppose it could be a list of books deeply rooted in Hanbali school of Sunni Islam. But unsurprisingly it turns out no more than filled with post 18th century Wahhabism & Salafism, with few here and there books of classical hanbalism, that too many of the which are unfortunately commented upon by post 18th century Wahhabi authors. Below you can see a quick rundown of the list. When a Salafi comes around asking “What is Wahhabi ?” “Why do you call us that ?” , showing their curriculum such as this should be sufficient as an answer.

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