anti-terror laws being applied selectively against Muslims but not on non-Muslims

Members of the Muslim community have raised concerns about anti-terror laws being applied selectively against Muslims (including those who only provided humanitarian aid) returning from war zones while non-Muslims who actively fought in the war zones have not been prosecuted under the same laws.


 This is Adam Brookman. You make recognize him from all the lies and propaganda the media is spreading in their quest to magnify and advance their islamophobic bogus laws on terrorism which is a round about way of targeting Islam and Muslims worldwide. Contrary to what you may have heard Adam is not a terrorist he is a nurse and humanitarian aid worker who selflessly left the comfort of his home and safety of Australia to help the Syrian people who are dying and in need of urgent medical aid in Syria. This man is not a terrorist if anything he is a hero and should be supported not condemned. How do I know all of this? I’ve known Adam for ten years and been best friends with his wife and know the type of man he is. He loves his wife and children and could not hurt a fly. I’m sure Adam felt that he was doing the best thing at the time and who can blame him when we see hundreds of thousands of Syrian people dying every day. Who wouldn’t want to put their medical training to use for a good cause rather than spending time day in day out in Australia treating junkies overdosing spewing up and pissing all over everything and violent alcoholics coming in to the E.R. If you can’t sympathize with the plight of the Syrian people the way he did then I question the colour of your heart. It takes great courage to do what he did and is innocent of the charges the afp have accused him of, even if they find a way to fabricate a story and ‘evidence’ against him. Before he went overseas Adam and his wife were and still are upstanding members of the Islamic and wider Australian community working tirelessly towards helping the needy. Don’t be fooled people Adam is just a tool used by the elite in their war on Islam. He is a fellow Australian and he is our brother in Islam and deserves our full support. Inshallah his innocents will be proved and he will be reunited with his family soon. Feel free to share this post.



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