Forty Benefits of Ramadan

1. Obeying ones Lord by fasting and refraining from sin.
2. Realising our dependence upon Him in all moments of stillness and motion.
3. Realisation that we are in need of His sustenance in all times
4. Realisation of our sins.
5. Bringing ourselves into account for them
6. Repentance
7. Reflecting over our blessings of food and drink and partner.
8. Breaking bad habits and making new good ones.
9. Realising the pleasure of worship of Allah (the Exalted)
10. Realising sincere intention.
11. Looking at our potential for worship and continuing throughout the year with whatever we can.
12. Renewing our relationship with the Quran, reading it and trying to complete it.
13. Fasting sincerely for Allah (the Exalted) when in public and private
14. Looking forward to opening the fast.
15. Accepting the decree
16. Paying zakah and charity.
17. Looking at ways that we can help others
18. Enjoying the social aspect of Ramadan by meeting family and friends
19. Giving to others for the sake of Allah (the Exalted).
20. Attainment of that one fast equals a minimum of ten fasts.
21. Attaining the rewards of a fast by feeding someone at iftar.
22. More effort means more reward.
23. When opening the fast being joyous in partaking the post fast meal and other halal blessings we have.
24. Gratitude for what you have and contentment about what you do not.
25. Small actions mean great rewards in this month.
26. The reward for cooking the food.
27. Avoiding sins is an action of worship.
28. Prayer of Tasbih.
29. Fasting six days of Shawwal to equate to a whole year of fasting.
30. Maintaining good habits started in Ramadan
31. Changing our ways for the rest of our lives
32. Giving presents on ‘Id
33. Praying for fellow believers
34. Realising the weakness of satans ploy against you
35. Working out a plan to pay off ones debts to Allah (the Exalted)
36. Leave the month with more passion and desire to do good
37. Leave the month longing for its return the following year
38. Making up missed fasts to complete reward for the month
39. Attending ‘Id prayer
40. Looking forward to next year

All praise belongs to Allah and may endless peace and salutations be upon our master Muhammad.

This was completed in May 2015.
By Arfan Shah Al-Bukhari


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