Shaykh Hamza Yusuf – Knowledge Retreat


We should really stop and look at the nature of the self. We are on a journey to Allah. As we move in life, we are moving to the end of the journey, the meeting with Allah Almighty.

The end is coming and people will do anything to occupy their time to avoid the inevitability of Death.

People are completely distracted and they are not present in their lives.

People completely fade away as we are living in a very trivialised civilisation.

The Prophet (peace & blessings upon him) has warned: the Intellects would be removed from people – these are Prophetic Traditions.

The things that make us humans unique to other species, is our Aql (Intellect Faculty)

Human beings are losing any sense in what they were intended for.

Selfies in Arabic are called Nafsies.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings upon him) was the most eloquent of human beings. We have to think why then would Allah have given him that attribute, if it’s not what human beings were to embody.

Where are the Sunnahs of Dignity. In every living thing there is Ajr (reward).

Where are the Muslims, where are their voices? Muslims are blowing each other up with more people dead everyday. Syria has 5 million refugees


Think deeply about your life and where are we going?

What is this going to be like down the road 30 years?

After thinking about this, I thought it was a spiritual problem but it is not. The crisis in the Muslim world is an Intellectual crisis, not a Spiritual crisis.

The Arabic language reveals realities of the world to you.

The Quran says: Human Beings have 3 Purposes
1. Cultivate the Earth (Build);
2. Ibadah (Devotion);
3. Reveal – to be sovereign who stand in place of the true sovereign. To follow/imitate what the creator has done. To implement these qualities wisdom, justice, forbearance, and virtue in our lives.

The Whole Purpose is to get to Paradise.

The Honour of the Human Being is the level of presence of these (purposes). The lowness of the Human being is the lack of these present.

Signs of the end and the destruction of civilisation. Let’s think about them.

I believe there is a strong case for those fighting for animal rights. The animals are doing what they are suppose to, but we are not.

We need master how to govern the soul and body. People eat too much, don’t exercise, sleep too much, and don’t take care of their bodies then, end up in the doctors office.

Governess of others – No one is worthy of governing another if you can’t govern yourself.

Do you call others to be Upright and you are not yourself?. Rectify your own souls before you try to rectify others.

Allah is upright so if you are not upright, you have no authority to tell others to be upright

Shaytan is the most progressive and as Muslims we have truly have underestimated Shaytan as an enemy.

Shaytan never had what he has today. He is able to sit back and watch
RIBA in abundance – you don’t even have to be present to get it.

Just Facebook it, tweet it. People are like locust – consuming everything. One side of the Planet is dying of starvation and the other side is dying of Obesity. We are people of excess in all areas of our life.

The more you know, the more troubled you should be

The noblest of you are those who have Taqwa. He has to implement these devotional practices – this is how we balance ourselves.

You can’t reach grace until you have achieved justice. You can not comprehend extra unless the essence is achieved. Doing extra is doing the devotion

The Human Being alone is not enough, we need each other, we have to help each other in permitted ways.

Food, drink, clothing, and shelter is all you need. Nothing else.

The world cannot be sustained. It cannot go on as this system is unsustainable, as it is based upon everything Shaytan loves. It Can’t happen!

Muslims should be at the forefront – where are the Muslims? We have to change our behaviour.

Last Gem: The Best thing is to fill the world with Places of Worship

The Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings upon him) WARNED US.

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf – Knowledge Retreat @ RIS 2013


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