Benefits of giving reward of salawat to others

A woman came to Sayyidina Hassan Al-Basri (rahimahu Llah) and said,

My daughter passed away and now I wish to see her in my dream.
Sayyidina Hassan (rahimahu Llah) told her,

Offer four rakat Nafl after Isha and in each rakaat recite Surah At-Takasur (102). Then go to sleep while reciting Salawaat upon RasulAllah ﷺ until you fall asleep.
The woman did so and narrated the dream to Sayyidina Hassan (rahimahu Llah) the next day. She said,

I saw her in a bad state. She was wearing dirty robes. Her hands were tied and there were chains of fire around her feet.
Sayyidina Hassan (rahimahu Llah) asked her to give sadqa and hope that her daughter’s affliction gets lessened. The following night Sayyidina Hassan (rahimahu Llah) himself saw a dream wherein he was in Jannah and there was a beautiful young girl on a throne dressed in magnificent clothes. She told him that she was the daughter of the woman who had visited him. Sayyidina Hassan (rahimahu Llah) told her,

But your mother told me that she saw you in a bad state.
The girl said,

Indeed what she said was true. We were 70,000 souls who were afflicted with the torture of the grave until a pious person passed by us. He recited Salawat upon RasulAllah ﷺ dedicated it’s sawaab to us. And Allah accepted it in such a manner that we were freed from our tribulations and what you see now is due to barakah of that Durood Shareef.
– Al-Qawl Al-Badee : Imaam Shams Ad-Deen Sakhaawi, p.234-235 –

Celebrating Black History


Celebrating Black History Month in the Americas
Many people are unaware of the fact that millions of Muslims entered the Americas as Slaves and political prisoners during the Atlantic Slave Trade. Many were Scholars and activists who led Slave revolts in Haiti, Jamaica, Surinam, Brazil and the USA. Others resisted in silent ways and succeeded in leaving a legacy that is coming to the surface today. Eye witness reports, written documents, autobiographies and records are bringing to life this amazing story.
Here is an actual portrait of Ayuba Suleiman Diallo (known as Job Ben Solomon) (1701-1773) a Fulbe Scholar born in Bundu, Senegal; captured and enslaved but eventually won his freedom and returned home. He wrote the whole Qur’an from his memory and maintained his faith throughout his trials and suffering.
No wonder Islam is still spreading rapidly among African Americans despite the negative propaganda!!!
Surely Almighty Allah has power over all affairs.

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