Head of Kharijites in Libya has been killed

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Al Zahawi dead

Praise be to Allah, the head of the Khawarij cult group in Libya has been killed.

Libyan Militant Group Says Its Leader, Mohammed al-Zahawi, Was Killed – NY Times

Mohammed al-Zahawi, who founded his cult under the label “Ansar al-Shariah”, was responsible for a series of attacks against Ahlus Sunnah & the Sufis, including attacks against tombs of companions of the Prophet, tombs of scholars, saints and the martyrs of Islam, attacks on Islamic libraries and other Islamic and historical relics in Libya for which their Wahhabi cult religion has extreme hatred against, as well responsible for carrying out their usual practice of slaughtering and robbing Muslims and non-Muslims as a purification ritual to establish a Wahhabistan in Libya.

Some of the attacks by them in Libya include:

October 2011 – Desecration of the Al-Masry shrine in Tripoli and the extraction from their burial crypts within it of the bodies of two Muslim…

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