Who Is Muhammad ﷺ

Who Is Muhammad ﷺ


The Reviver of our hearts ﷺ
The Awakener of our souls ﷺ
The Most honoured one ﷺ
The Most praised one ﷺ
The Most beautiful oneﷺ

The Best of creation ﷺ
The Jewel of creation ﷺ
The Crown of creation ﷺ
The Coolness of our eyes ﷺ
The Purpose of our livesﷺ

If you’re a Christian who demanded that all Muslims condemn the Paris attack


If you’re a Christian who demanded that all Muslims condemn the Paris attacks but did not yourself condemn the attacks in Central African Republic the same week done in the name of religion, then you might want to think about why.

Fact is, most Christians, like many others didn’t condemn the attacks in Africa because they cannot relate in any way to the attackers and don’t feel they are part of their religion. This is exactly the same as Muslims in Michigan or Dubai or Paris felt about the attackers this month or the way Christians felt when Anders Breivik in Norway murdered 77 people in the name of his twisted idea of Christianity.

Interesting thing is that Muslims DID condemn the Paris attacks, groups like CAIR published lists of numerous leaders who condemned the attacks.

One can also argue that the extremist militias in Africa are “not real Christians” or that our religion does not teach violence….just as 1.9 billion peaceful Muslims can argue the same about the extremists in their own religion. The extremists argue otherwise. If you are Christian make no mistake that the people chopping heads off in the name of your religion right now believe that THEY are real Christians and that thier acts are supported by the Bible they can readily quote.

What is the difference?

Can we please stop pointing fingers at one religion and realize that the world is a big place with crazy people all over….but mostly good people

The Kosher Store Siege Story Keeps Changing

News Brief — Jan 12, 2015

Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumeddiene were wanted by French police in connection with the killing of French policewoman Clarissa Jean-Philippe in Paris on Thursday. The following day Coulibaly seized a Kosher store in eastern Paris and held shoppers and staff hostage.
Initially it was thought that Hayat Boumeddiene was together with Coulibaly in the besieged store. Although there was no sign of her after the police assault, national police union spokesman Pascal Disant said Boumeddiene may have gotten away in the confusion as the hostages escaped.

Still from CCTV footage of Hayat Boumeddiene in Turkey. Click to enlarge

Now we are told that Boumeddiene was not even in France during the siege. She has allegedly been caught on CCTV travelling through Turkey with a male companion before reportedly arriving in Syria with him on Jan. 8, the same day that Coulibaly shot dead a Paris policewoman and the day before he seized the Kosher store.
So Hayat Boumeddiene has gone from being the mosted wanted woman in Franceto being thousands of miles away from the scene of the crimes when they were committed.
The CCTV camera footage broadcast on Monday by Turkey’s Haberturk Television network shows Boumeddiene arriving at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport on Jan. 2 — five days before the first terror attack in Paris.
So what are we to make of all the claims about her being involved with Amedy Coulibaly? First we were told Boumeddiene was Coulibaly’s ‘partner and a radical Muslim too. Now we are told that she was photographed travelling with another man passing through Turkey days before Coulibaly went on the rampage
As I’ve written elsewhere, I suspect that Boumeddiene was Coulibaly’s handler for covert operations. Amedy Coulibaly may have been no more than an unwitting dupe who was encouraged into terrorism by his partner — who was guiding him on behalf of French covert operations.
That being the case, they are now trying to distance Boumeddiene from the actual killings. Although she may have instrumental in helping prepare Coulibaly for his bloody rampage, French covert operations now need to distance their agent from the capital crimes.
Even though the blurred image may not be Hayat Boumeddiene, the resemblance is enough for her superiors to have her removed from police wanted lists.
However, just as one “terror threat” recedes another comes to take its place.
Now Parisians are being warned that the “terror cell” behind the attack on the Kosher supermarket may number up to ten and more terror outrages have been planned.
The story keeps changing so much that you would almost think that its scriptwriters were altering the plot to keep the public engaged and on edge.


source: thetruthseeker

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