The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History

Study and don’t be influence by the media or the symbol ISIS is using to hijack ISLAM true teaching…

Rasool ur-Rahmah (The Messenger of Mercy)

The first person on Hart’s list is the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) Page & introduction only..  Link

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1 Muhammad Islam Prophet of Islam

2 Isaac Newton Anglican

3 Jesus Christ Christianity founder of Christianity

4 Buddha Buddhism founder of Buddhism

5 Confucius Confucianism founder of Confucianism

6 St. Paul Christianity proselytizer of Christianity

7 Ts’ai Lun Chinese inventor of paper

8 Johann Gutenberg Catholic developed movable type;

9 Christopher Columbus Catholic explorer; led Europe to Americas

10 Albert Einstein Jewish physicist;

11 Louis Pasteur Catholic scientist; pasteurization

12 Galileo Galilei Catholic astronomer;

13 Aristotle Platonism / Greek philosophy Greek philosopher

14 Euclid Platonism / Greek philosophy mathematician; Euclidian geometry

15 Moses Judaism major prophet of Judaism

16 Charles Darwin Anglican (nominal); Unitarian biologist; described Darwinian evolution, which had theological impact on many religions

17 Shih…

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