Difficult times – Shayk Muhammad bin yahya

We are living in difficult times. The challenges of our earlier generation i.e our parents etc was different. The biggest challenge of our time is no longer ideological debate, dealing with various movements and groups , its no longer sectarianism but it’s “Athiesm”. The events that are unfolding before our very eyes are all shaping up to something big, a scenario where sufis are fighting salafis and so forth, all leading to one thing, demonisation of Islam by the magicians that are weaving their magic, and it’s portrayal as a barbaric religion. The Magicians will always weave their magic, but we need to ensure that we are on the side of Musa alayhi salam. When Islam is portrayed a barbaric religion and people see their fathers, sons, mothers, daughters killed by those who say “La ilaha illalah” that will lead people to question their own faith, to hate it, when people hate it, their imaan will be shaky. Hence , it’s important that we offer more and more LOVE to counter this HATE, we offer love, so people love Islam and not hate it. (paraphrased – Nasiha by Shaykh Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Husayni – August 2014)


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