Just to remind again by Atabek Shukurov


– Prophet PBUH sent Muadh bin Jabal as a guide and Imam to yemen.
– He walked with Muadh out of Madina and asked him; How do you judge o Muadh?
– By the book of God O Prophet, Muadh replied
– But if you don’t find it in the book of God? he asked.
– Then by the Sunnah of the Prophet! Muadh said.
– If you don’t find it in Sunnah of the Prophet? he asked
– Then I use my brain! he said!
Prophet PBUH said; I thank God for making you a scholar…

I say
– It is a summarised version of this story
– But this is actually Hanafi Usool…

The order of the proofs is;
1. Quran
2. Sunna
3. Ijma’
4. Qiyas
and there are few more…

But there is a correct order of going to Quran too;
– You have to learn Arabic language (build up an arabic Vocab, Grammar, Balagha)
– Study one text on Fiqh and one in Aqeedah with Highly qualified Scholar (But make sure that you learn the Mu’tamad position in both of the subjects)
– Study one book in ”Usool Fiqh” with a Highly qualified Scholar.
– Then find a genuine scholar to teach you Tafseer and wisdom of Quran…



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